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AEE Pets+ (36g)

26.75 SGD
AEE Pets+: The Essential Probiotic Pets Supplement that contains Lactobacillus, Bacillus, Bifidobacterium and Prebiotics for the improvements of your pet's Immunity and Health.

AEE Pets+ has a CFU count of 3 billion CFU/g
(one of the highest in the market!)

  • Prevent Skin Allergies
  • Improve Bad Breath and Odour
  • Help prevent diarrhea and constipation
  • Enhance nutrients absorption, digestion
  • Improve GI tract after antibiotic therapy  

Just like us, our pets are easily affected by many factors which disrupt the healthy balance of good bacteria in the GI tract. Some examples are :
  • Antibiotic Treatment
  • Change in Diet
  • Consumption of Unclean Water
  • Unhealthy eating habits (faeces, grass, etc)
  • Change in Environment
  • Emotional Stress

Feeding Directions:  ( To maintain optimum digestive flora )

  • Adult cats, rabbits & etc - Feed 1 sachet per day
  • For smaller pets - Feed 0.5 sachet per day

With a healthy digestive system from using AEE Pets+, your pet can potentially:

  • Develop Strong Fitness, Agility, Strength
  • Maintain Optimum Health from Young to Old
  • Enjoy an Enriching Companionship with you